Ross Hammock Ranch

Trophy Hog Hunt

This hunt is at Ross Hammock Ranch for one trophy hog. Hunt is for up to four hunters, and Ross Hammock can make available their bay dogs at no additional cost, but that is purely optional, as the method of take is entirely up to the hunter(s). Additional animals can be added at the trophy fee price, as well. The hunt is for 1.5 days with an overnight stay at the ranch. Hunt is good for 2018.
Donation includes: all meals, snacks, drinks, licenses, guides, cook/maid service, one nights lodging in the fantastic RHR Cypress Log Lodge, use of 3D archery & rifle ranges, ranch vehicles, fuel, and basic skinning/quartering/cleaning/ice down of game taken. It also includes at your option the use of the pack of RHR bay dogs.
Included is trophy fee for first trophy hog taken.
Not included: Transportation to and from ranch and taxidermy fees
Donation Value $650

Signature Bottle of Mermaid Rum with four Etched Glasses

From Njoy Spirits home of  Wild Buck Whiskey a signature bottle of their very own Mermaid Rum, with a set of four classic etched Mermaind Rum Glasses.  A truly all naturally aged rum. A Double Gold award winning - “Gold” - 3 year old Florida Sugar Cane sipping rum, blended with Caribbean potstill rum, then aged in Nationally Award Winning Wild Buck whiskey barrels for 90 days. The rich colored rum maybe enjoyed neat or on the rock with your favorite cocktail. This 100 proof rum is a fantastic blend of flavor you’ll want to savor. Double Gold" Award Winning Mermaid Rum is a "Gold" 3 year old Florida Sugar Cane

 Value $95.00                                                          100%  Donation 

FAUSTI 12 Over/Under Custom Shotgun

Fusti custom over/under shotgun that features four locks system, automatic ejectors, single selective gold trigger, and five interchangeable chokes.

SCI logo inlayed in gold on the top of the trigger guard, number from 1/25.

Silver frame, pierced top lever, round pistol grips, rubber recoil pad, and selected wood A+ Walnut finish.

Finished with custom gun case VL with velvet socks.

Value $3,500

Tom Dreyer 7 Day South African Safari for Two Hunters



+27 (0)82 774-4302
+27 (0)73 927 4209
Value $8,180.00                                                             100% Donation

Whitten Custom Exotic Leather Gun Case

Large Pistol Giraffe Case

 Legendary Whitten Gun Cases are individually handmade leather gun cases for pistols, rifles, shotguns and tactical firearms. All Whitten Gun Cases are composed of the finest Grade A leathers and wild game hides and specializes in using their customer’s harvested hides.  Tonight’s donation was crafted by Jillian Whitten, owner of Whitten Gun Cases and made especially for this Tampa Bay Chapter event.  This Whitten gun case is designed to protect your favorite handgun with this beautiful and functional your friends will covet! This year’s case is a full giraffe large pistol case.

Whitten Gun Cases has been mastering leather craftsmanship for over 25 years. Whitten Gun Case is an Nine Time 100%   Donor
 Jillian Whitten 727-492-5976
Value: $445                                     100% Donation

Jewelry Set by Golden Diamond

Gentlemen take notice:  this beautiful jewelry set is for the lady who is looking for something other than the commonplace, mass produced, mass market “fashion” jewelry.

This year’s donation is a one of a kind hand crafted sterling silver panther with green eyes, paved with crystals on a blue lapis ring and a 20 inch sterling silver chain.

James and Nancy West, Golden Diamond,  - (727)481-2659

Value:  $395.00                                                          Decades long 100% Donor

Full Body Mount Muskox

Here’s one addtion to anyone’s den that is a must have, and just think how haapy your spouse will be that this is now part of your décor. It is a body body mount of a Muskox, taken in Alaska.

Value $12,000                                                           Donation Value Priceless


Genuine warthog skull

From the collection of The African Market Trophy Room Collection,

A one-of-a-kind polished African Warthog Skull.

Value $350.00                         100% Donation 

5-day hunt for one hunter and one non-hunter for Himalayan Bull Tahr  

Hunt New Zealand's premier mountain game animal on private land with Jason Kidd of New Zealand Custom Outfitters Ltd. This is a free-range spot and stalk foot hunt on 35,000 acres. Also very good free-range Red stag hunting. Schedule hunt dates with Outfitter for 2018-2019. Includes airport pickup and return, guiding, 4x4 transport during hunt, ranch house accommodation, trophy fee for Bull Tahr, field prep, of trophy and delivery to expediter, meals and beverages , use of firearms , Gov’t taxes .
Also available, Red stags, Bull Tahr, Bull Elk, Fallow buck and more as per Outfitter's price list. Other hunters and non- hunters may join the hunt as per Outfitter's price and package list.
Does not include flights, insurance, expediting/taxidermy/shipping, gratuities.
Jason Kidd, Outfitter/PH, New Zealand Custom Outfitters Ltd                                 
Value US$7,500            

Safari Club International (SCI) Tampa Bay Chapter

SNS Outfitters – Casper Wyoming  

Pronghorn Antelope Hunt
One Hunter

SNS Outfitters are located in Casper Wyoming and you will hunt central Wyoming for antelope. With over 40 years of guiding and hunting experience you are guaranteed a quality hunt. You will spend a lot of time glassing to find your perfect antelope, and then the stalk is on.

Donation Includes: 3 days hunting, filed dressing of animal. This is a lottery draw with deadline of May 30. Hunt is good for 2018 – 2019 seasons.

Not included: Transportation to hunt, lodging and meals, as well as Wyoming hunting license - $530 plus $30 Antelope tag, meat processing, and gratuity. Additional hunters are $2,495 – non-hunters $150 per day  

Value $2,495                                  100% Donation

Located in Hampton County, South Carolina, where whitetail deer populations and harvests have traditionally been number one or two statewide throughout the history of deer hunting, Buck Run Hunting Lodge, LLC offers the serious whitetail hunter an experience he will never forget. A six bedroom, four bath, smoke-free lodge provides each guest with relaxation and all the comforts of home. Complete with central heat and air, satellite TV's and, VCR. All one has to do is sit back and let them do the work. All meals are home cooked by co-owner Sandra Simmons and guaranteed to be mouth wateringly delicious! Just ask around!!! Non hunters $150 per day.   Many Tampa Chapter members return year after year to Buck Run. 

Donation includes: Three days of hunting, Lodging, meals, travel to hunting stands and field care of deer. Donation does not include: transportation to Buck Run, SC big game license approx. $140, alcoholic beverages, meat processing, gratuities. For 2017 season subject to availability.

Donors: Pete and Sandra Simmons                    

Value: $1,500                                                                               Lifetime 100% Donor!         

SCI Tampa

"Ryes in Shine"

Once again we are proud to be associated with Njoy Spirits Distillery

Makers of wild Buck whiskey and Mermaid Rum. 

2018 will feature a new product included by Njoy Spirits

New For 2018

“Ryes in Shine”
Pure Moonshine
This is a 100% farm grown Rye Grain moonshine

straight from the still.
Nothing added and it is 150 proof
375 ML Signature Bottle
Value $45.00 – 100% donation

Alaska Lost Yeti Lodge – Fishing trip for One Angler

The thrill and adventure of every angler’s dream awaits you in a land of the midnight sun, where rivers run red and Salmon are king! Experience the breathtaking beauty and world renowned wonders of Alaskan wilderness, while accessing the best fishing holes and stretches of river that the state has to offer.
Easily accessed by road or airstrip, a short 60 miles from Anchorage, our lodge is ideally situated on the Big Susitna near world renowned rivers that form one of the best fisheries. Here, at the foot of the Alaskan and Talkeetna mountain ranges, millions of Salmon flow through these rivers every spring and summer. With five different species of Salmon, and an abundant supply of record breaking Rainbow Trout, Northern Pike, and Arctic Grayling, this is a fishing experience that is unrivaled.
Whether navigating the river tributaries by jet boat, casting your fly while floating down stream, or taking flight in search of the perfect fishing hole, our licensed and experienced guides will help you to create a one of a kind adventure that will not soon be forgotten. During each of your guided adventures, you will be provided with industry leading equipment and gear tat will be sure to improve the rate of your success.
Our 5day/4 night packages are designed for small intimate groups of friends, and include a stay in one of our lodge’s comfortable cabins. Here you will find all of the amenities needed to help you feel at home during your stay. You will also be  able to relax and unwind in our main lodge area while hanging out with family and friends, playing a game of pool or football, swapping stories with our friendly staff and guides, or simply relaxing in front of one of our big screen televisions with a ball game or favorite movie. Every morning and evening the main lodge is also where you will enjoy a hearty themed style meal.
Come hook into that once in a lifetime fish, catch a glimpse of a moose or brown bear, and witness the unique natural beauty and wonder that can only be found in the last great American frontier. You are sure to leave with adventures and memories that will last a lifetime.
In addition to our summer packages, we also open our lodge for a few short days during the month of March for a one of the kind Alaskan winter experience. You will be able to enjoy ice fishing, snowmobiling, witness the beauty of the Northern Lights, and participate as a spectator in the world famous Iditarod Races.
In appreciation of those who serve us aboard and at home, we offer significant discounts and a full scholarship program to our veterans and first responders.
 Donation Details
Donors: Craig & Crystal Fletcher (co-owners)

Number of anglers/Guest – one
Cost of additional Anglers/Guests - $3,800.00
Location of trip – Anchorage, Alaska
Fish Species Opportunities – Sockeye, Chinook, Coho, Pink & Chum Salmon, Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden, Rainbow Trout
Length of Trip/Season – 5 days – 4 nights (June through August)
Accommodations/Amenities – Main Lodge/dining are surrounded by Individual cabins. Each cabin can accommodate 2 adults with one queen size bed and one queen size pull out, private bathroom/shower, microwave & mini refrigerator.
Additional Costs Not-Included - $120.00 Fishing License, $50.00 King Salmon stamp, alcohol, gratuity
Expiration 2020 Season

Value - $5,800.00                                                                    100% Donation 

Florida - Osceola Turkey Hunt on Private Property
One Hunter

This is hunt with on a private ranch in. Hunt is good for one Osceola Turkey for Spring Turkey season 2019.

Not included: Transportation to hunt area, Hunting License, and meals, Taxidermy fees.

Value” $2,500                                                                100% Donation                       


Fernando Saiz – Spain

Five Day Spanish Game Hunt

Fernando Saiz – Spain five day Spanish game hunt for one hunter and one non hunter for a minimum of two species, to be taken in 2018 or 2019. This trip combines a magnificent hunt with shopping and cultural visits. You will enjoy a very personal and familiar treatment in Fernando’s 16 century Hacienda in the middle of The man of La Manca area. Fernando encourages you to take your wife, who will be taken with you to different historical cities, in which shopping, sightseeing and typical meals are spectacular.
Included are the reception at the airport, clearance of guns, transportation from Madrid to the hunting area, professional hunter 1x1 (English speaking), five days daily rate for one hunter and full accommodations (rooms and meals).
Not included are air fare to and from Madrid, hunting license ($270/area), taxidermy($200-250 per trophy) Veterinary certificate/Export Permit ($200 per trophy), and 21% VAT on donation value. Trophy fees, Iberia Red Deer ($4500), Iberian Mouflon Sheep ($4500), European Fallow Deer ($4500), Ibex Gredos and Beceite Ibex($7900 each), Southeastern and Rohonda Ibex ($7500), Pyrenean and Cantabrian Chamois ($4900 each) and European Roe Deer ($3900).
Talk to Fernando to arrange the hunting dates and for more details. Donated By; Fernando Saiz – Spain, Vereda De Las Penas 53, Alcobendas, 28109 Madrid, Spain.
Phone 34-91-6505169, Fax 34-91-6503615

Donation Value $5,500                                                             100% Donation


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"Stars and Stripes Forever"


SCI Artist of the Year

Congratulations to returning recipient of Artist of the Year, Linda Besse. 

 Linda’s painting Stars and Stripes Forever is this year’s Featured Artist of the Year painting. It was one of her African trips which inspired the piece. When she saw the Selous sub-species of the Plains Zebra in Tanzania, their stunning head-to-hoof stripes captivated her. Linda decided a night scene would create the most interesting drama for this iconic African species. And while they cannot see in the dark, she envisioned the zebras’ rapt attention could only mean they heard something. Maybe the soft pad of a slowly moving paw somewhere in the grass?

Note: The SCI Artist of the year program started in 2008 and honors an exceptional wildlife artist dedicated to both SCI and conservation. The original oil painted entitled “Stars and Stripes Forever” was donated and auctioned at the 2018 annual SCI Hunters’ Convention. 125 giclee’ were made from the original. Each giclee’ is valued at $450.00 as it is reproduced on the original heavy canvas mat. Frame donated by Jimmy and Michele Moreland

Donation Value $600.00 – 100% donation

2018 Live Auction Items

Freshwater Fishing Adventure at Location of Choice,

2-Night Stay with Airfare for 2 (5220-2)

Freshwater fishing experience for 2
2-night stay in a standard guest room at a Hyatt Place, Hilton Garden Inn or comparable
Round-trip coach class airfare for 2 from within the 48 contiguous U.S.
Winspire booking & concierge service
This rod and reel freshwater fishing trip is a treat for any outdoors person. From enjoying the sunrise across a lake to catching the “big one”, fishing creates those unique narratives that define an experience the way no other activity can.  
Fly fishing is considered a sport or a hobby by some, and an art form by others. There’s nothing better than the push and pull of a fly line, and the sight of a fish rising to take that perfectly placed fly.  Bass fishing is one of the most popular types of angling in the U.S., a vacation choice good both for inexperienced anglers and skilled competitors. Bass are worthy adversaries, often hungry, and willing to fight back when hooked. For stream and river anglers who fish trout, it is arguably the prettiest freshwater fish caught in the most beautiful natural settings that trout inhabit in North America. 
This freshwater fishing experience for two is available on a number of lakes, rivers and streams and includes your own guide, fishing gear, and bait. Your 6+ hours of fishing adventure awaits you, just select your destination and enjoy!
Destinations and types of freshwater fishing available:
Buffalo, New York:  Spin fishing - salmon, bass, trout 
Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Fly fishing - bass, trout 
Fort Myers, Florida:  Inshore Spin fishing - tarpon, snook and redfish
Lake Minnetonka, Minneapolis:  Spin and Ice fishing - Walleye salmon
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:  Salmon 

Hotel Accommodations
Enjoy a 2-night stay in a standard guest room in hotel accommodations such as a Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, Hilton Garden Inn or comparable, subject to availability.
This package includes round-trip coach class service for two from any major metropolitan airport in the 48 contiguous United States to any major metropolitan airport in the 48 contiguous United States or Vancouver, Canada, subject to availability.
Airfare must be booked within one year from the date of purchase. Airfare taxes and a $25 per person processing fee are the responsibility of the purchaser. Blackout dates: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s weeks.
Business and First Class upgrades are available at the time of booking for an additional fee. Use of frequent flyer miles for upgrades is dependent on specific ticket restrictions as determined by the airline’s frequent flyer program.
Winspire Booking & Concierge Service
Winspire provides a team of seasoned travel professionals who will help you redeem your experience. All travel related details and reservations are handled for every part of your Winspire experience. Operating as a full-service travel agency, Winspire can assist with extra hotel nights, airfare upgrades, and additional guests. This service also provides you with an established network of onsite contacts who can help you book additional experiences, activities and tours.
Must be booked a minimum of 60 days in advance. Reservations are subject to availability. Certificates cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed. All purchases are non-refundable. Packages cannot be resold. Suggested retail value is calculated using tariff air rates and rack room rates. Ground transportation is not included unless where specified.
Value $5,500

Kikuyu Lodge - South African Plains Game Safari
One Hunter and One Observer

Just 60 miles from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, enjoy the thrill of a high quality plains game safari along with the comfort of the luxurious Kikuyu Lodge. The comfortable thatched roof lodges and lapa areas ensure relaxed entertainment for the hunter and non hunter alike along with spectacular views of the Bushman Valley. Whether you are a veteran African hunter or embarking on your first safari, Kikuyu Lodge offers the comfort and luxury along with the adventure of a memorable hunt that keeps hunters coming back year after year. Donation Includes: 7 days of hunting, lodging, meals, drinks, daily laundry, field care of trophies, ground transfers from Port Elizabeth for one hunter and one observer. Animals included are 1 Blue Wildebeest, 1 Impala, 1 Blesbok and 1 Warthog. Hunt can be upgraded to additional days and animals. Additional Hunters are $420 per day and non hunters at $120. Hunt does not include: Round trip airfare from US to Port Elizabeth, hotel stay before and after hunt, dip and pack or taxidermy, shipping of trophies or gratuities. See why so many chapter members make Kikuyu Lodge their African Safari destination. Dates good for  2018 and 2019.
Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Eighth year 100% Donation!
Donor: Harry Fourie-Kikuyu Lodge website:   No Reserve!                                            Donor Value: $6,500


Razor Ranch - Zolfo Springs, Florida
 Axis Doe Cull Hunt For Two Hunters

This is a hunt for a non-trophy (meat Hunt) Axis Doe Cull hunt at Razor Ranch in Zolfo Springs, Florida. Razor Ranch is ranks as one of the best hunting outfitters in Florida. Their guides have over 35 years experience and promise you the hunt of a lifetime. The property is a mix of palmetto patches, open fields and oak hammocks which promises a challenging hunt. Specializing in hog, whitetail deer and exotics, they also provide spring hunts for Osceola turkeys and alligator hunts.
Donation Includes: A one day hunt for one non-trophy Axis Doe for each hunter, and includes all applicable fees including 1x1 guide, and skinning and of Axis Deer.
This hunt must be book in 2018.
Not including: Is taxidermy and meat processing.  - (239) 850-3063 
Value $1,500

Briarwood Sporting Club – Bellefontaine Ohio

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt
For Two Hunters.

Briarwood Sporting Club is the top destination for trophy Whitetail Deer. Know for their trophy deer of up to and over 200 inches, Briarwood is famous for both their hospitality and incredible deer hunting.

Donation includes: 3 day/4 night stay for two in Northeastern Ohio at Briarwood’s famed lodge. Included are daily fees for the two hunters and a $1,000.00 credit per hunter for the whitetail deer of the hunter’s choice. Daily fees include lodging, meals, beverages, professional guide and transportation of trophies to local meat processor and/or taxidermist. Briarwood is located 45 minutes Northeast of Columbus, Ohio. Hunt o be taken per available dates September 17 – December 14 – 2018 or 2019.

Not included: State Hunting License, taxidermy and shipping of trophy and/or meat, transportation to Ohio.

Value $4,500                                                                                           100% Donation

Steve Miller Custom Handcrafted Knife

Quality, beauty and keeping a sharp edge are all hallmarks of a custom, handmade
Steve Miller knife. In honor of his twenty third year of donating to our SCI - Tampa Chapter, Steve has created a remarkable Redfish filet - boning knife.  Camo pattern laminated handle with green fiber optic and brass pins, nickel silver lanyard hole.
Blade is of 12C27 stainless steel, heat treated to 60-61 Rockwell C scale. The knife comes with a custom hand stitched leather sheath. This knife has a sturdy blade well suited for filleting large salt water fish and will work equally well when boning out large game animals. This is a one of a kind knife is sure to become a treasured heirloom.

Steve Miller, Miller Handmade Knives, 727-461-4180  No Reserve

Value $400.00                                                                      Donor Value: priceless 

Certificate for Customs and Fish and Wildlife Service Clearance Service

for One Hunter

By Coppersmith Inc. Global Logistics

Coppersmith is your full service Customs Broker, International Freight Forwarder and Logistics Specialist for all phases of international transportation. Handling all of your import and export shipments has been their specialty since 1948. Coppersmith offices from coast to coast provide the professional expertise to expedite your trophy shipment and documentation through Customs & Border Protection and other government agencies. Donation includes: US Customs Entry Clearance, US Fish and Wildlife Clearance, Cargo Import Service Charge, Messenger Fee, Airport Transfer, Coppersmith Warehouse Handling.  

Many Year 100% Donor! Lisa Gingerich, Coppersmith, Inc.


Value: $475                                            The value of experts getting your trophies back is priceless! .

The Bear

A very unique printing of the majectic Grizzly Bear, in a custom glass frame.

Donated by Dr. Jay Farrior.

Value:  $450.00                  100% Donation