SCI Tampa Officers:     

  • Frank Ball
  • ​Kent Dils
  • Brian Dorian
  • Leslie Dorian
  • Chuck Elzer
  • Clark Hunt
  • Gerald Keller
  • Jimmy Moreland
  • Michele Moreland 
  • ​Mary Lynn West

President's Message:

Hello All,

Our  annual "Night of the Hunter" fundraiser is passed. It was good to see everyone again this year. The reception Friday night was a great success, as was our fundraiser Saturday night. The food was fantastic thanks to Banquet Masters, as they did a great job this year. The auction line was outstanding this year and everyone had a very good time. Thank you to everyone that attended and help support your local chapter.

Please remember - "No matter what your pursuit, or where your travels take you to hunt, Safari Club International is there fighting for your right to hunt. Come joins us and help support Safari Club International and your local chapter."

Thanks for your support, see you at our events

SCI, First for Hunting. 

Jimmy Moreland,

Chapter President 

For More information on the Tampa Chapter of Safari Club International
Please feel free to call or E-mail the

Chapter President 
Jimmy Moreland
(813) 488-1235


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What your chapter president looks like Sunday after the banquet.....

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Steve Miller Custom Knives

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